(Prof. Jeewan S Titiyal)

General Secretary

(Prof. Rajesh Sinha)


ISCKRS - Indian Society of Cornea & Keratorefractive Surgeons

The unprecedented growth of various sub-specialties in the field of Ophthalmology has constantly necessitated the formation of different scientific forums. The vast expansion in understanding and management of Corneal Diseases and the emergence of Kerato-Refractive Surgery as a Sub-specialty, has produced a need to create a society of ophthalmologists, dedicated to or otherwise, having an interest in this aspect of science of Ophthalmology. The purpose of the Society is to provide a vibrant forum to promote the understanding and furtherance of knowledge in the field of Cornea, Corneal diseases & Kerato-Refractive surgery.


AIMS & Objectives

Provide an opportunity to ophthalmologists interested in learning the medical and surgical aspects in the field of Cornea and External Eye Diseases, Kerato-Refractive Surgeries etc

Organize, Conduct and Participate in Scientific Programmes, Skill Transfer Courses, Scientific Meetings & Conferences - related to the field of Cornea, Ocular Surface Disorders & Corneal and Kerato-Refractive Surgeries

To publish Journals, Proceedings, Books, News Letters, Digital Multimedia Recourses etc

Support and Collaborate with Societies in the field of Cornea and Kerato-Refractive Surgeries

ISCKRS Meet 2018 - Messages

"First of all I would like to congratulate you for the fantastic meeting, superb organization and high cientific level. Thank you very much for inviting me, for all your kindness and attention with me and my wife during these days. Please count on me in the next editions of the meeting."

- Dr. Leonardo Torquetti

"Heartiest congratulations Titiyal sir,Namrata ma'am Dr.Rajesh and the entire team of ISCKRS for the entire show and special applause for you Rajesh for your splendid effort and personalized touch to everyone. It was nice to see interested audience in the Halls. Proud to see you with the Fantastic leadership quality with humbleness, commitment and dedication which will definitely bring more laurels to you as well uplift the places wherever you are assigned "

- Dr. Nilesh Mohan

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity and I look forward to future participation. It was a great conference."

- Dr. Surabhi Dutt

"It was a pleasure to listen n learn from stalwarts .I enjoyed it fully and learned a lot"

- Dr. Shefali Mazumdar

"Indeed it was a very nicely arranged conference from every point of view. Many many thanks for the warm hospitality"

- Dr. Mahendra singh

"Excellent hospitality. thanks a lot. Superb scientific program and management Congratulations to whole team"

- Dr. Anil Srivastava

"It was a great meeting sir! Kudos to your dedication and your team's efforts. Your warm welcome & unsurpassed scientific content made it an excellent conference"

- Dr. Sonal Kalia

"Heartiest congratulations Rajesh Sinha sir, Namrata Sharma mam, J. S. Titiyal sir and entire team for Grand succes..... Society is definitely going to grow by leaps and bounds with you untiring efforts....."

- Dr. Harshul Tak

"Heartiest congratulations Dr Rajesh and Team. Excellent arrangements as usual..."

- Dr. Ambarish Darak

"Heartiest heartiest congratulations Dr Rajesh Sinha, Dr Namrata Sharma Dr Titiyal sir and team ISCKRS ! Outstanding scientific content, amazing arrangements and unparalled hospitality! The society is growing spectacularly under your leadership! Rajesh bhai you are the best!!"

- Dr. Vardhaman Kankariya

"Congratulations Dr Rajesh Sir and entire team for an excellent conference!!"

- Dr. Vipul Arora

"Wonderful sessions sir they were inspiring"

- Dr. Manzoor Mehdi

"Good show Rajesh.Congrats for a well-organised conference."

- Dr. Umesh Bareja

"Great conference Rajesh"

- Dr. Partha Biswas

"Congratulations to you, Dr. Namrata Sharma Dr. Titiyal sir for a very well organized conference.. Great scientific program and warm hospitality.. Hoping for many more such conferences from ISCKRS"

- Dr. Aditya Pradhan

"Excellent meeting. Thanks Prof. Rajesh Sinha, Prof. J S Titiyal for excellent arrangements."

- Dr. Sudhank Bharti

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