(Prof. Jeewan S Titiyal)

General Secretary

(Prof. Rajesh Sinha)


ISCKRS - Indian Society of Cornea & Keratorefractive Surgeons

The unprecedented growth of various sub-specialties in the field of Ophthalmology has constantly necessitated the formation of different scientific forums. The vast expansion in understanding and management of Corneal Diseases and the emergence of Kerato-Refractive Surgery as a Sub-specialty, has produced a need to create a society of ophthalmologists, dedicated to or otherwise, having an interest in this aspect of science of Ophthalmology. The purpose of the Society is to provide a vibrant forum to promote the understanding and furtherance of knowledge in the field of Cornea, Corneal diseases & Kerato-Refractive surgery.


AIMS & Objectives

Provide an opportunity to ophthalmologists interested in learning the medical and surgical aspects in the field of Cornea and External Eye Diseases, Kerato-Refractive Surgeries etc

Organize, Conduct and Participate in Scientific Programmes, Skill Transfer Courses, Scientific Meetings & Conferences - related to the field of Cornea, Ocular Surface Disorders & Corneal and Kerato-Refractive Surgeries

To publish Journals, Proceedings, Books, News Letters, Digital Multimedia Recourses etc

Support and Collaborate with Societies in the field of Cornea and Kerato-Refractive Surgeries

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